We believe in a healthy and fulfilled long life based on a solid balance between body and mind

Harmony Corp is an international corporation dedicated to your physical and emotional well-being. Harmony Corp is a philosophy and a doctrine of the soul. We are a space for relaxation inspired by traditional transcendental meditation and the most advanced techniques. We are a digital spa, a center of studies for the recovery of sensory stimulation and wellness. Our ideology promotes transhumanism, technological transcendence, nature, peace and sustainability.

Sensorial Experiences

We offer three levels of sensorial experiences. Audiovisual stimulation designed as a means of escape and deep contact with the natural environment in our spaces and our online rooms: Serenity, Chromotherapy and Nature. You can also meditate and experience absolute perception everywhere and at all times with your digital devices: Ipad, Iphone / IOS, Android System and VR Headset.

Eternal Life

We promote the dream of transformation into an infinite machine through digital stimulation. We activate your brain capacity. We do our research based on the principles of cognitive ergonomics and GOMS - a specialised human information processor model for human-computer interaction observation: Goals, operators, methods for achieving goals, and a set of selections rules. We believe in immortality through technology.

We embrace the future.